Friday, February 14, 2014

Duct Tape Bow Hair Tie

We are going to make a duct tape bow hair tie.
- Duct tape
- Scissors
- Hair tie
Measure two 4 inch pieces of duct tape. 
Flip 1 piece of duct tape over so you can see the sticky side of it.
Put the other piece of duct tape on top of the 1st piece so that the sticky sides are on the inside.
Cut off the sides a little bit if the duct tape did not match up.

Measure a 1 inch piece of duct tape.
This is what you should have ( plus the hair tie).
Pinch the middle of the duct tape.
This step is the hardest. Fold the ends of the pinch back.
Put the 1 inch piece of duct tape around the center of the bow. In the back put the hair tie in between the bow and the 1 inch piece of duct tape.
It should look like this.
Now put it on your wrist or in your hair and...


  1. How would you put a bead on the center of a duct tape bow? Use the bow as a string and bead it through?