Sunday, September 20, 2015

Duct Tape Wallet

Hi Everybody! Today we will learn how to make a simple duct tape wallet. Enjoy!

Duct Tap

Step One:
Cut 4 Strips of duct tape. How long these strips are is how long your wallet will be. For best results, make these strips a little bit bigger than a dollar bill.

Step Two:
Overlap the strips together to make a sheet of duct tape.

Step Three:
Now flip the sheet over so the sticky side is facing up.

Step Four:
Repeat steps one and two again. After this, you should have two sheets of duct tape, at about the same size.

Step Five:
Stick the sticky sides of the sheets together.

Step Six:
Cut two thin pieces of duct tape.

Step Seven:
Fold the non-sticky sheet (the ones you just combined) hotdog wise.

Step Eight:
Take the two thin pieces of tape and put them around the sides of your wallet.

Step Nine (optional): 
Add a Duct Tape Wallet Pocket. To learn how to do this, look at one of my other posts.

Step Ten: Tada! You've got yourself your own wallet!

Have fun with your stylish wallet! And make sure to tell me what you want me to do a tutorial for in the comments below. Thanks!

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